Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bob Dylan, you're off the hook

Apparently, it's not enough these days to appear in bad movies, lend your image to horrible products and try to convince legions of impressionable kids that the NBA is good basketball.

No, the cutting edge of selling out has advanced far beyond that. On its bleeding edge: "Rapper" Fergie, who just signed a product placement contract with clothing manufacturer Candie's. Where will Candie's be placed? Why, in her music, of course.

Yeah. Think of all the great words that rhyme with "Candie's." Brandies, for instance. Handy. Randy. Uh... rubberbandy. Well, whatever. She's a talented artist, I'm sure she'll figure it out. And hey, it's not like anyone was looking for SUBSTANCE, of all things, in the lyrics of a song. But it's not advertising. Nosirreebob. Here's what one of her label executives had to say about it:

Candie's will reach teens, but it has no say over exactly what Fergie will sing, or when. Fans might think she is just singing about candy. But it's got to work in the song. Fergie does not sing jingles.

Sigh. If her fans are dumb enough to think she's "singing about candy" (why? WHY!?) then maybe they deserve their subliminal ads.

Sure, Fergie's laughing all the way to the bank. I just hope she runs into KRS-ONE backstage some night.

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