Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dr. Myers, the (blood-spattered) envelope, please....

It’s 2008, which means Dec. 25—not to mention Dec. 31—has come and gone, and THAT means that the first annual From the Depths Character Discussion contest is officially over. And no, I didn’t just come up with the name for the contest off the top of my head as I typed this. That’s crazy talk.

Here are the lucky 15 winners, who will receive their own signed copies of “From the Depths.” Yes, my signature really is that messy.

-my tattered pages
-jeanette J
-wednesday (the poster, not the day)
-jayhawk prof

Some of you will be contacted shortly by the friendly and harmless folks at my publisher, McBooks, who only want the best for you. In this case, that means a book. The rest of you need to get me your e-mail address… or your real address… or SOMETHING, so I can extend hearty congratulations and the aforementioned book.

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