Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Barbecue: A matter of taste. Cold weather: A matter of having warm gloves

In my continuing quest to find great barbecue in Chicago, I sampled the smoked wares of the Smoke Shack in Lincoln Park on Sunday. This place is brand-new, Argentinian and recommended by Chicago Magazine. A recipe for tasty ribs.

But actually, a recipe for tasty ribs is great meat, a knowedgeable smoker (the person, not the machine) and sauce you don't mind having smeared on your face.

That's what I learned after riding my bike for two and a half hours (round trip) and forgetting to bring gloves. My thumbs are still thawing.

But about that barbecue: The Smoke Shack is in the bottom third of places I've tried in Chicago so far. The sauce was thin and not particularly distinctive; the "hot" stuff barely tickeled my tongue. The pulled pork was a bit dry and not very well pulled. And the rib meat, although properly smoky and bearing the correct amount of sauce, was not inclined to easily give up its grip on the bone.

Brisket pictured was not ingested by author.

On the other hand, let's be honest, I need to try it again. Being transported on the handlebars of a bike five or so miles through subfreezing weather didn't do the food any culinary favors. Plus I didn't order the brisket this time around.

And I loves me some brisket, especially on cold winter days.

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