Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't stop believing, even if you're the lead singer for a Filipino cover band

Journey. A band of psychedelic album covers, overly dramatic lyrics and vocals that would wreck the throats of most adult men.

Steve Perry's sound would be hard to replicate, you would think. And you would be right. In fact, it took the band more than a decade to track down someone who could hit those mullet-curling high notes with enough panache. The search was vital, too, because the appearance of "Don't Stop Believing" in "The Sopranos" put the ballad about small town girls and lonely worlds--and thus the band--back on the map.

So where did they track down their new singer?

The Philippines. Via YouTube, of course.

Chile witnesses the power of the fully operational rock band Journey.

And because I couldn't possibly tell the story of how they tracked down Arnel Pineda as well as some random TV show, watch this:

He does a pretty good Sting, too.

The lesson: Sometimes, the wheel in the sky turns in mysterious ways.

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