Friday, September 19, 2008

Pixels from a simpler time

Remember when video games basically consisted of watching a block--representing, perhaps, a bullet, an airplane or a frog--bounce across the screen? Wasn't that fun? For whatever reason, these simple games managed to convince millions of kids that they were not, in fact, merely manipulating a picture tube, but were instead saving the world or killing their enemies or something.

Nowadays, of course, killing your enemies requires no imagination. Just an itchy trigger finger (or thumb, depending on your controller layout).

You can almost smell the cordite....

But what if it did?

... but these guys don't seem to have fingers. Or necks.

Those tanks look pretty fancy. Two colors! And I bet they move and everything. Check out more "Atari versions" of modern video games here. And wonder what "Pong" would look like in high-def.


M. Gants v4.0 said...

Nice, I like the Halo 3 box the best (tea bag your enemies...).

Introversion has made some pretty cool modern games with a retro look. Darwinia was pretty fun.

Susana (OK, so it's Sue-Lyn) said...

I, myself, wish to go back to the day when sliding mushrooms made you big and strange fuzzy neon flowers gave you bullet power.