Sunday, December 13, 2009

The flooding of Tanker Mai

I woke up this morning--refreshed after a day of shopping in Dubai yesterday--and noticed that there was still rain speckling the windows of our apartment. "Ah," I thought. "This will be the first time in, like, six months that I will walk to work in the rain."

But when I got outside, I realized it was a lot more than just rain. It had been raining ALL NIGHT, and the neighborhood... well, it was partially underwater.

Same water, different neighborhood.

That's right. There is roughly a foot of water in some places in Tanker Mai. On my way to work, taking a bit more circuitous route than usual, I could see where the water line had reached overnight into several shops and building lobbies. Serious stuff, considering we live in a desert. I just looked it up, because that's what I do, and the average annual rainfall for the entire country is 6.5 cm.

Abu Dhabi could have as much as 4 cm by the end of the week. And then it's off for the sunny skies of London....

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Bob said...

Whoa! You guys have bikes over there?