Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Aerosmith version, not the Gene Autry version

You know the song I'm talking about.*

Mrs. Blog and I returned to the UAE yesterday from the United States of Awesome yesterday. A country, I should add, that was true to its promises of delicious food and good company. For instance, I had barbecue in four states and margaritas in three. I even saw a bald eagle, soaring on the winds of freedom. And by freedom, I mean eastern Iowa.

Actual Arthur Bryant's sandwich consumed by actual blogger.

How great a visit was it? During an afternoon at my friend's bar I ran into this guy. That's a bonus vacation experience you can't put a price tag on.

It's always a difficult transition back to the Middle East, with the little differences driven home almost immediately. There is simply no way to soften the impact of arriving at an airport festooned with construction barriers and signs that lead nowhere.

Like this but with 150 percent more plaster dust.

The jet lag doesn't help either; I am writing this with the help of unhealthy amounts of caffeine and equally unhealthy amounts of sleep deprivation. On the bright side, though, the imbalances in my body chemistry might help me appreciate the royal wedding a little bit more.

Anyway, dissociative feelings aside, it is good, at least, to not have to consider another long plane ride in the immediate future. Now, if we could just find some way of staving off the onset of the oven-like summer....

*And if you don't, click here.

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