Sunday, February 12, 2012

Making a splash

Mrs. Blog and I enjoyed a leisurely walk through Victoria Park this afternoon, soaking up some Sunday sunshine on my last day before I start my new job. Our destination was a small pond in a corner of the park--surrounded today by strollers and picnickers--designated for… racing remote-controlled boats.

And not graceful sailboats, either. Souped-up powerboats that zip around the course so fast they toss a spray of water onto giggling passers-by. At one point there were five guys with boats there, but because they were always taking them out to fine tune (or repair), only two craft were ever in the water at the same time.

I told you they were fast. And I told you they had to be fixed a lot… like that boat that suddenly stopped running at the end of the video. That led to this:

Rescue mission.

And while he was fixing his boat, another racer showed up with something a bit slower, but definitely showier. Note the helicopter on the aft deck, complete with spinning rotors:

Note to readers: A remote-controlled aircraft carrier or battleship would make a great birthday present. Just saying'.

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