Sunday, March 11, 2012

The continuing saga of the not-so-secret J-20

Mrs. Blog and I are settling into our Hong Kong penthouse in the sky (OK, apartment halfway up a high-rise), which is excellent news and something I plan to write about when I have a bit more time. The NCAA tournament is about to start, too, which is also excellent news and a sign that I am about to trade some sleep time for basketball time—thanks a lot, guy who invented time zones.

All this settling in, though, means I now have a tiny bit of time for one of my favorite pursuits: gawking at airplanes.

That’s the new Chinese J-20. It really does look like a movie prop, doesn’t it? Slick. Although the more experts have gotten to look at it, the less stealthy it would seem to be. Check out the size of those big, radar-reflectin’ canards!

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