Monday, May 28, 2012

Hong Kong is beautiful

After a day wandering around Kowloon with some visiting Friends of The Blog--in the expert care of Mrs. Blog, who has a knack for finding awesome places within awesome places--we wound up on the waterfront. (After having a cocktail at a great harbor-side bar that, guess what,
Mrs. Blog found.)

It happened to be a beautiful evening. That just magnified the impressive qualities of the Hong Kong skyline. There is something about it, about the way the outlines of some buildings disappear, leaving just columns of glittering lights, and the way other buildings jostle each other with unusual shapes. And behind all of this, of course, floats the darkness of the mountains in the center of Hong Kong island.

It's so pretty that even a Neanderthal like me can get a pretty good shot with his phone:

Not pictured: refreshing breeze, scent of saltwater.

OK, OK, so it was a little blurry.

But anyway, because this is Hong Kong, of COURSE it wasn't just a skyline we were looking at. It was a skyline with a light show.

The show goes on every night at 8 p.m., complete with music pumped out on both sides of Victoria Harbor. I'll be honest, it seemed a little... extraneous. But it was cool to see it as a tourist in my own city, knowing that the skyline--and the music, narration and dancing lights--will always be right down the street.

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