Sunday, September 2, 2012

Droppin' Hong Kong dimes*

Hong Kong is a big place--or at least a lot of people in a small place--but even so, I can't believe I missed Kevin Durant's visit here. Worse, I apparently walked right by Southorn Playground when he was playing some pickup ball.

Showing off for a different Hong Kong crowd.

How do you miss a 6-foot-9 shooting guard in a place where the average height is something like 5-9? I dunno, but it happened. Doesn't say much for my court vision, does it?

*worth approximately $0.013

1 comment:

Martyn Cornell said...

the average height is something like 5-9

Even not counting the tiny, tiny women, the average height in HK MUST be less than me, and I'm just under 5' 8" …