Monday, May 6, 2013

Out with a bang

Guess what? Now with a 3-D printer (and a nail), you can make yourself a working firearm!

I'll keep this brief. I love the technology behind this; it fascinates me that we can literally create just about anything we can draw in a CAD program. It opens up fantastically interesting horizons for manufacturing.

I also realize that given this kind of technology, someone was going to do this eventually.

But there's no utility--and plenty of what seem to me to be PAINFULLY obvious drawbacks--to not just creating a plastic gun, but disseminating the plans widely. Maybe it makes me a pathetic sheep, and I'll be first thrown on the truck to the government New World Order summer camps, but handing out plastic guns is not needed to prevent tyranny.

And the thing is, it's plastic. PLASTIC. Yes, that crazy material that doesn't show up on metal detectors. Congratulations, assassins: now you can not only sneak your firearm into a controlled space, but also melt down the evidence when you're done.

On the bright side, thriller writers now have another toy to play with as they create crime scenes.

*Dork note: I am mildly annoyed that they called this thing the Liberator, but kept showing clips of B-17s in their video. Those are Flying Fortresses. The B-24 was the Liberator.

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