Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back when Mizzou basketball was... fly?

OK, I was all set to put together a nice, useful post about writing great dialogue. I swear. I was sipping coffee on the train and letting my thoughts gather--in the way that only a giant mug of coffee and a trip on the Brown Line can facilitate.

Then I arrived at work, and all that went out the window. (a cliche, by the way--avoid them in your writing come hell or high water)

Why? Because I discovered what can only be described as the baddest basketball marketing campaign man has ever devised. Behold:

Friend of the blog Jack Pointer points out a beauty in the comments section as well.

Well I'm Mike Alden I'm the rappin' cracka'/

also known as the bank account packa'/

Got Quin on the turntable and Clemmons on the chorus/

I sold our program like a '98 Taurus/


1 comment:

M. Gants v4.0 said...

Oh. god. Nooooo!!!

How old is this? The weird, constant shuffling really creeps me out...