Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Paying the piper. Er... the guitarist.

The question of what art is worth can’t be easily answered. Is there an intrinsic value to the entertainment it provides? Does it edify the human soul for us to be able to see, right there in front of us, a depiction of our own emotions? How do you put a price tag on those qualities—if they even exist?

If you’re saying, "that’s a pretty pointless philosophical question, Gerry," you’re not alone. Radiohead is in your corner.

Kind of. Actually, they’re doing philosophy by popular vote: On the band’s Web site, you can download their new album and simultaneously tell them how much you think it’s worth. They’re letting the purchaser set the price... all the way down to a penny. (but that’s 2 cents U.S. Seriously.) This has the side effect of kicking their record company in the groin, as owners of the album can do whatever they want with it, and everything they DO pay goes directly to the band. But I guess that’s a luxury that comes with being immensely popular and rich and stuff.

So tell me... wait, no—tell them: What would you pay for a Radiohead album?

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M. Gants v4.0 said...

I was interested by this move too. Normally, I wouldn't buy an entire Radio Head album, just because I only like a few songs. However...I might be more inclined to pick up the whole album with a move like this.

It's a noble gesture by the band towards their fans. Part of me would like to pay a reasonable amount of money...but the bastard in me can't help but see it as a moment of opportunity. Hmm.