Thursday, May 1, 2008

Change can be dangerous

Or in this case, not having change can be dangerous. I speak, of course, of the newly installed credit card reader on a Coke machine here at work.

The nectar of the gods--now accepting Visa.

One of the biggest obstacles to buying myself a caffeinated beverage whilst on the clock is the fact that I hardly ever have cash in my wallet. I know. It's a shortcoming, I'm working to improve myself, my therapist assures me the extra weight in my back pocket won't injure me.

Now, though... now I can just use my debit card, and bam: a soda. If the machine sold Dr Pepper, I'd be in real trouble.


Anonymous said...

GERRY!! OK, this is an anonymous comment for the time-being just so you can read it and think for awhile...who (who?) stumbled on my blog.

Could it be an old friend from J-school, who read about Gerry Doyle in the latest edition of J-Links and decided to google him? Why, yes! I will give you that much.

It's also someone who just so happens to remember your affection for Dr. Pepper. Why, oh why, couldn't we buy Dr. Pepper on campus?

Hmm? Still no idea? I'll let you mull it over.

Have a good day!

An old friend. (Only, you're older than me)

Gerry said...

dear anonymous:

yes, I do have an abiding love of dr pepper. and yes, I do recall discussing this very subject in the william allen white school of journalism and mass communications.

so what younger-than-I former journalism student also remembers these discussions? (and let's be fair--if they happened in the newsroom, they were probably more like rants)

that's a great question. thanks to a certain enabler we'll just call "red lyon," my memories on that subject are blurred. so now I guess all I can do is wait.

and blog some more.