Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just flew back from Kansas City

And boy, are my jokes tired.

Other than my bag making it to Midway an hour after I did, it was a fun trip. Got to stomp around in my old stomping grounds, water in my old watering holes, chat with old friends and even take a nice stalker-style cell phone photo of the house I once inhabited.

Oh, and I also spread the Gospel of Christine (possible title for future novel?) around the Midwest. That was fun too.


Anonymous said...

GERRY!! I have no idea why Roxbury comes up -- it's probably tied to the server at my work.

Here are more clues about me. Time to end the suspense:

I actually live in Salina, KS, not Roxbury. My husband and I moved here from Orlando about three years ago to be closer to family. We have a 3-year-old daugther and 2-year-old son. My daughter looks just like me -- straight, dark brown hair and big brown eyes.

Prior to living in Salina, I was a business reporter in Orlando for four years. I lived/worked in LA before that.


Oh, and the clincher -- I've been known to chug a bottle of champagne and wear a clown costume all in the name of newsie fun.

Got it?

You better remember my name. Does Hale-Bopp sound familiar?

Oh, and much congratulations on the book. Very exciting!

Gerry said...

it's funny... the dr pepper thing had me heading in this direction. but the orlando bit would have clinched it (working for one of the tribune's "sister papers," no less!)

you are: sarah hale. how's tricks? shoot me an e-mail... the address is somewhere around here.

Rock Chalk said...

I just sent a note to your work email address!

No more anonymous comments. They were fun though.