Monday, April 28, 2008

Chloroquine phosphate: week... something

Seven? Eight? I can't remember. And before you get excited, it has nothing to do with the pill.

"Excited, Gerry?" you might ask. "Far from it. Why would anyone care about that stupid pink horsepill?"

Stupid pink horsepills.

A fine question. But nonetheless, I've noticed that several people have stumbled onto this blog while googling search terms like "chloroquine phosphate effects" "malaria pills" and even "chloroquine phosphate blog." Yeah, I don't understand the last one much either, but hey--the medically curious will always be welcome here at Read Ink. It's like an HMO, but without the doctors, or the money, or the medical care.

Back on point. After taking this thing once a week for the last month and a half or so, I can tell you that none of the alleged side-effects manifested. Much. I have noticed that I tend to have bizarre dreams on Wednesday, the day after my weekly Pill Day. Subjects include:

-Killing zombies (really need more of those)
-Parachuting from a crashing airplane (a metaphor for the newspaper business?)
-Driving a manual transmission car in a ridiculously hilly city (I'm as clueless as you are on this one)

But this week, it's all over. I hope I keep having the zombie slayer dreams, though.

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Pete said...

man, i should take it just for the zombie dreams. dear read ink, is there any other way to see zombies, dreams or otherwise? george romero movies don't count.