Thursday, October 8, 2009

Take a number

Mrs. Blog and I spent most of the morning at (or at least near) Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, where various medical tests were required for our ongoing battle against the difficulties of obtaining a visa.

My experience was quite different. The whole thing only took about 30 minutes; this morning, we spent more than an hour waiting in line, I mean queue, for No. 187 to be called and the testing process to begin. Note: When Mrs. Blog was assigned 187, the next number in line was 133. "Oof," her text message said.

Text message, of course, because men aren't allowed in the ladies' waiting room.

Anyway... inshallah, that will be the last step we need for everything to get processed. And a whole new world of driver's licenses, gym club memberships and credit cards shall open up.

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