Sunday, May 3, 2009

The doctor asked, "do you have any health problems?"

That wasn't the total extent of my medical exam this morning, but it was pretty close. They measured my weight and height, gave me an eye test (nearsighted people not welcome?) took my blood pressure and then some doctors signed a couple of forms in Arabic. For all I know, they could have labeled me an enemy of the state, but I smiled and took the paperwork and handed it in to the appropriate HR folks.

The work visa tests, which I had been warned were time-consuming and involved a lot of waiting around, were actually quite streamlined. I was sent upstairs from the crowded waiting room to a posh reception area with comfy leather couches and coffee service. See, I wasn't kidding about the prevalence of hot caffeine here.

They drew some blood, took a chest X-ray and sent me on my way. And I got to watch Al Jazeera between procedures. Not bad.

So now I should be officially accepted into the country. I think I'll celebrate by calling a housing broker and trying to find a liquor store this afternoon.

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Kylie said...

good luck! we just had our labs and xrays done too. this whole move-to-another-country thing is a lot of work (and pokes)!