Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On sunglasses and moving

Two-thirds of my stuff is now moved into the new flat, and I confirmed that there is, in fact, a sweets shop on the ground floor. The Budget office is still there, though.

Now all I have is my backpack, messenger bag and a rolling suitcase. Two of the three are green. I have no idea what that symbolizes. But as predicted, it did kind of hit me, as I napped this afternoon, that this is for real. Not a vacation. Not a contract job. It's life.

It also means I will be shopping for a stove soon.

The other thing I realized, in a somewhat panicky moment, is that it is literally painfully bright for me without sunglasses. Will my eyes get accustomed to the desert light and sun reflecting off of the millions of tinted windows on every block? I'm a little frightened to say that if I had to choose between screwing my eyes mostly shut and not getting a tan on the bridge of my nose vs. the tan but clear eyesight... I'm leaning toward eyesight.

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Karl Smith said...

Yep, that's when it hits you. But moving is into a place is great - it suddenly makes it feel like you're really here.

Which means, clearly, that I've failed again in my attempt to maintain an Atlantically pure desk. Ah, well.