Monday, May 25, 2009

Abu Dhabi: A moving experience

Har har.

Anyway. First I had to strip down (my life) and pack up all the stuff I needed--sunscreen, neckties, sandals--with the notable exception of Mrs. Blog. Then I had to "live" in a hotel for a month. And now I'm moving again.

It's an odd feeling, because the lack of permanent accommodations has led directly to a slight lack of a permanent feeling. I suspect that will change as I move into my new flat, which may or may not have a cupcake shop opening on the ground floor... I can't think of any reason why Budget would have big pastry illustrations added to their windows.


In the meantime I'm packing my bags again and getting ready to hit the road... although the jet lag will be a little less deadly this time. And the time in transit--spent crashing with the Scots--will surely be more fun.

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