Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things you don't expect to see in Abu Dhabi

1) A cover band that plays Elvis.
2) A much worse cover band that plays System of a Down... right after "Heaven Isn't Too Far Away."

Band (2) was in a Filipino bar done up in a jungle motif, complete with vines hanging from the ceiling and a stuffed leopard. Abu Dhabi is an interesting place.

Meanwhile, I learned the origin's of the city's name. Evidently a thirsty Bedouin wandering in the desert followed a gazelle to an oasis. At the oasis was water, obviously, but also a guitar. And thus the city was named Abu Dhabi, which means "father gazelle." Also, "al gazal" means gazelle too. And this story was told to me by a Scottish dude who may or may not have been fabricating an additional element to the story in which the gazelle won the guitar from Stevie Wonder in a game of poker.

Anyway, how this all comes full circle is that it not only explains the name of the city... it explains how the guitar player in band (1) was able to so easily tear through some serious blues riffs.

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