Monday, May 11, 2009

Nope, still clueless

Remember how I knew the best way home yesterday?

Today, not so much. I had to drop something off at work, and after exploring the area a little bit, I hailed a cab back to the hotel. As we entered downtown traffic, he asked me whether I wanted to "go behind" or "go straight." Not knowing what he was talking about, I said "Turn left at Al Salaam."

The thing is, he knew what he was talking about. Twenty minutes later, we were still stuck in a massive traffic jam, waiting to turn left on Al Salaam. He finally couldn't hold back any more and remarked, "I say go around, you say go to Al Salaam. Too much wait!" Yeah. Sorry about that, man. I hope the 4-dirham tip made up for it.

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thomaspickett said...

86 degrees at 1 AM in the morning.
Not bad!!!
Uncle Tom