Sunday, May 31, 2009

I knew it!

From Sunday's The National:
Meteorologists expect the UAE’s unseasonably hot weather to continue next month.
Weather experts at the Dubai Meteorological Office said average temperatures were higher than usual in May and warned that heat and humidity would continue to rise in June.
“Temperatures for the month of May were not at an all-time high,” said Dr SK Gupta of the Dubai Meteorology Office. “But they were much higher than the average temperature for May. We had temperatures we would normally not see until June."


Average May temperatures typically hover at around 39 degrees Celsius, but over the past few weeks the mercury has pushed into the mid-40s.


June temperatures have been forecast to reach 48 degrees Celsius by the middle of June, significantly higher than the average of 39 degrees for the month.
Forty-eight degrees. For those of you keeping score at home, and by home I mean America, that's 118.4 beautiful degrees Fahrenheit. Al Ain, here I come!

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