Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Of course the desert is dry... mostly

One of my goals today was to find a liquor store. My motivation was part mountaineering--"because it was there"--and part necessity. Since that first manhattan in the Tavern Pub I have had some truly awful cocktails at the local bars. So I took matters into my own hands.

And here's a video to prove it:

Yeah, I don't know what "freshly squeezed martini" means either. It just slipped out, and I'm a one-take guy.

Anyway, I didn't have any bitters, but I have to say the drink turned out pretty well. More important, though, now I know where the liquor store is--it's not far--and which stores check for your liquor license when selling. There is a bit of a speakeasy feel about the whole process... or, actually, it's a lot like being 20 again. Fortunately, there is no Milwaukee's Best to be found anywhere around here.


Pete said...

excellent manhattan demonstration! very inspiring. i'm going to be making a few of those later myself.

what's with the comment regarding the room service not knowing what you will be doing with the ice? do they care? is there a no alcohol rule?

and check out tikibartv.com for great cocktail fun.

bassoholic said...

awesome! My fav part is your face at the end....don't leave us hanging G, how was is!?

Gerry said...

it was good! and I THOUGHT I had edited out the awkward "reaching for the 'stop' button" bit at the end. oh, well. I'm a writer, not a videographer.

Susana (OK, so it's Sue-Lyn) said...

"Mmm... Maybe a little more. ..." I likey.

Brandon said...

Nice, dude. You've got me eyeing the liquor cabinet - and it's 8:20 a.m.

BTW, I think one goal during this middle east posting should be to come up with a new drink - an 'Abu Dhabi.' Potential recipe: pour a shot of vodka and, in a separate glass, an ice water. To imbibe, you slam the vodka, then pour the ice water on your head.

M. Gants v4.0 said...

The whole liquor license thing sounds a bit funny. When I first moved to Virginia I was startled to learn that there weren't any "proper" liquor stores there either. And by "proper" I mean kind of dirty/sleazy/scary, but otherwise full of character, liquor stores.

All those poor people in Virginia have to buy their liquor from sterile, heartless state controlled ABC stores. Oh the agony.