Saturday, March 20, 2010

Misc Box

While moving from Chicago, a phenomenon emerged in which, as the deadline for the movers' arrival galloped closer, carefully organized moving boxes became, well, a little less carefully organized. House slippers? Throw 'em in the misc box. Power cords? Put them on top with the toothbrush holder. And so on.

And so this post, dear reader, is a bit of an e-misc box. There is a lot going on this week. The Car of the Blog is in the hands of a Lebanese mechanic named Mike. Fortunately we don't need a miracle--just a repaired coolant leak.

Similarly, the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee has returned as the Scots have headed to India for a week of R&R&curry.

Much larger, but still avid cuddlers.

And finally, it has come to my attention that my description of visiting Egypt and Jordan was slightly less than descriptive. That's because I was hurried and sleepy it is really too much to cram into a single post. Cairo itself is worth its own post... as are, in their own way, the Pyramids, all the ruins and tombs of Luxor, the niftiness of "finding" a 2,000-year-old sarcophagus underfoot, Abu Simbel, Petra, the Dead Sea, even restaurants in Amman. I have been toying with a long post about the annoying baksheesh tradition in Egypt (in which no good deed goes unpaid-for).

That's not even counting all the photos I need to borrow from Mrs Blog's computer to use with all of these.

So be patient. And understand that you might see a very enthusiastic post about the Red Bull Air Race next week before I get through all of the stuff from the trip.

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