Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What to do with six buckets of golf balls split three ways

Actually--I should have included a question mark. And possibly an explanation.

Last night was spent at Hemingway's, a bar identified by Lonely Planet as something along the lines of a "lively expat hangout," but which in reality is a "slightly depressing pseudo-Mexican bar with photos of the eponymous author on the walls." Why were we there? For quiz night. Of course.

Same bar, more sunlight, fewer patrons.

I, Mrs. Blog and The Guy Who Sits Next to Me at Work all wound up there to answer some trivia and drink some beer. Along the way we had some awful nachos, and I'll leave it at that.

But anyway, trivia. This has always been something I've been good at. Blame it on reading, blame it on asking lots of questions, blame it on luck. At trivia night, my proudest moment was "terminator," the question being, and I'm paraphrasing here, what line demarcating light and darkness on the moon shares its name with an Arnold Schwartzenegger film? Booya.

By the end of the night, we had noticed a few things. 1) We didn't know what the scientific term for "study of ghosts" was. 2) The team that finished in fifth place was using a BlackBerry to look up answers and STILL getting smoked. 3) We were dangerously close to winning.

But we didn't. We came in third. And our prize? Six free buckets of golf balls at Abu Dhabi City Golf Course. None of us golfs. Oh, I tried while I lived in Florida. The Parents of the Blog got me lessons for Christmas one year, and I got pretty good at using a driver to hit a ball straight. That was about it, though. Meanwhile, here in the 'Dhabs, summer--and its 120-degree temperatures--is quickly approaching. Being soaked in sweat after two swings kind of takes the fun out of the driving range, I'm guessing, even with beer service nearby.

So I'm open to suggestions. Six buckets of balls, three third-place winners and an island full of sand traps. Go!


Scott Unekis said...

Gerry, when I clicked on the link to look at the description of the course, it says that there is no driving range. Hope you didn't get swindled! :P

Pietro Devon said...

how about just driving into the sea? or maybe a very small pool table.

Gerry said...

scott--if that's true, we're stuck with golf balls, but at least they were free (nachos aside).

pietro--we'd need clubs for that. maybe we can win those next week.

M. Gants v4.0 said...

Witness the awesome power of the pneumatic golf ball gun (with assembly instructions!)