Monday, April 12, 2010

Drug of the nation rehab

We have a flat-screen TV. We have cable service. We have surround sound. We just don't use it a lot.

Which is good, right? It means there are always more interesting things going on. Parties, concerts, travel, beaches, various types of races. It also, however, is a function of how bizarre the programming here is.

A lot of the shows you have heard of, but are running several seasons behind or were canceled during the Clinton presidency. Other shows are the equivalent of "direct-to-video" programming--they clearly were made but as far as I know, they never appeared anywhere on American TV. There is an astoundingly mediocre program called "Three Sisters" that springs to mind. Even the title is unimaginative--I'm imagining the pitch going something like this:

So here's the scenario: There are three sisters.


And they, uh... they're sisters. And they're zany.


Oddly, OSN is heavily promoting the series "The Pacific," which is running almost contemporaneously on American TV right now. Or so I hear. I'm not sure how they chose that one, but it looks good, so I won't complain.

And in the end, what does it matter? I loves me some "Battlestar Galactica," but frankly, we have better things to do than watch space opera. At least until it gets hot.

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