Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's the little things

Mrs Blog will (no pressure!) do a much more thorough write-up of Womad, the latest big thing in Abu Dhabi, a three-day international music festival that we attended over the weekend. It was great, albeit a bit sandy. We saw lots of interesting acts, some of them more engaging and danceworthy than others. Here is one of the most intimidating:

Music is their only weapon. I think.

Because the festival will be covered elsewhere on the Internet, I just want to remark on one thing: The quality of the restrooms. And no, I don't have photos.

Unlike other festivals, there were not porta-potties, narrow, plastic closets that empty into a chemical tank at their base. Those smell like... well, like you'd expect them to, and unless you're the first one in after they're installed, you're going to be reluctant to touch anything without latex gloves. At Womad, on the other hand, the toilets not only were clean, they were air-conditioned. They were basically semi-trailers with stalls, urinals and running water. I mean, if I hadn't just walked in from the beach, I could have mistaken them for your average restaurant bathroom.

And that's the story. Happy Sunday....

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Anonymous said...

Lollapalooza has those in the VIP section. They are great.