Friday, May 14, 2010

The grrs of Tanker Mai

Somehow, some way, our car has been turned into a jungle gym.

I took it to be washed today--a weekly ritual of scrubbing off seven days' worth of the airborne grit that blows in from the desert--and noticed a bunch of long scratches on the hood. Black car, white scratches. Grrr. This is after discovering that someone had ripped off the little rubber dome thingy* that seals the base of the radio aerial with the car body. Grrr.

My conclusion, base solely on circumstantial evidence, is that bored kids are playing on the Audi. I guess the scratches could be from large and energetic cats, but without opposable thumbs, the aforementioned dome thingy ain't going anywhere.

Great. I'm only 33, have no lawn, and find myself wanting to shout "Git off mah property!" out the window.

*not technical name

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