Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The hat of the future

Apparently it will have horn thingies and make your eyes turn green.

I'll take size 7 7/8, please.

But seriously, folks. This isn't just any hat. It's the new hat for F-35 pilots. And it's neat not just because it makes the pilot look like an evil space alien, but because it projects the heads-up display and a camera-generated view of the world directly in front of his or her face, no matter which direction the head is turned--EVEN STRAIGHT DOWN.

That kind of situational awareness would be a massive asset in a dogfight, I think. Plus looking scary never hurt in a fight, either.


Karl Smith said...

It looks kinda CGI.

Karl Smith said...

Looks kinda CGI.

Pietro Devon said...

whose side are you on?

Gerry said...

I'm on the side of cool hats, obviously.

Pietro Devon said...

does this actually qualify as a hat?