Thursday, July 22, 2010

Novel uses for a Flip video camera

I was going to make a journalism post today. But, you know, the weekend is almost here, and with it, at least 24 hours of (mostly indoors) relaxation and recreation. So let's look at something... a little more fun.

Remember how I'm an aviation dork? Being the guy holding the camera here would make me the happiest aviation dork on the planet.

Notice that no one tries a split-S below 2,000 feet. Looking at you, here, Adam.

You know, even the takeoff roll is fun to watch. The precise (and tiny) gaps between the plane are goosebump-inducing. The way the formations turn as a single unit is impressive. And all of it makes you forget how much kerosene they burned during the course of the show.


Pietro Devon said...

holy shit.

Kylie said...

Even I've heard about the legendary Split-S...ahhhh, poor Adam.