Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer: It's Not That Boring!

It's not that nothing has happened, it's that I haven't had any way of illustrating it. And because it's my blog, and not the newsroom, I can't just talk to the miracle-workers on the photo desk about fixing it.

First off, the World Cup turned into a karate match.

Your kung-fu... is better... than his.

Mrs. Blog arrived back in the UAE, just in time for a few 115-degree days and a major sandstorm. On the plus side, though, there was a backlog of people wanting to hang out with her, and we indulged them with a birthday bowling bash at the Abu Dhabi Country Club.

That was great fun, and I wish I had some pictures on me to post. Not only did we own that place for like five hours--confusing the staff, who apparently had never seen people enjoy bowling before--but thanks to Direct Supervisee of the Blog Matt, we had some great music to listen to.

Then we went and played poker. I lost Dh50; Mrs. Blog won Dh54. A great night indeed.

Last summer, things seemed to slow down quite a bit. This year, there is a lot going on--including planning for our annual joint pilgrimage to the homeland. That's good. I don't want the hot months to just dissolve into a doldrums of Etisalat battles, overpriced hotel meals and air conditioning.

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