Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An important message from our sponsor

Actually, it's a message from me, about the contest I'm running.

Please include your e-mail address in your comment when you tell me who your favorite female protagonist is. All comments are moderated--by the great and powerful Gerry--and I promise your address won't appear on my blog, unless it's attached to your blogspot profile.

If you don't give me some way of contacting you, I have no way of getting you your fabulous prize. Let alone discussing your "The Holograms would have been NOTHING without Jem!!!!" thesis.


Lisa said...

One of my favorite female protagonists in literature is Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. From a humble beginning, she strove to make her life what she dreamed it should be. She was very innocent and naive yet I saw a strength in her.

Gerry said...

Hi, Lisa--Holly is not going to be pleased if you win but don't collect the prize because I can't contact you because you didn't include your e-mail address.

Yes, that's a run-on sentence.

Wednesday said...

I'll second Lisa. While Truman Capote only gave us a novella on Holly Golightly, it's easy for many women to identify with her vulnerability and search for a soft and certain home, as well as her adventurous spirit and style. She got married as a young teenager because ... she hadn't been married before; she moved to New York ... because she'd never been there. When she loved, it was absolute, like her feelings for her brother, but she knew how to fight off the rats, as a call girl. A great story about a woman who can read people, but has a more difficult time figuring out where she belongs, or with whom.