Saturday, March 8, 2008

Econ 104 was not an easy class to stay awake for

Totally not my fault. It was right after lunch, first of all, so my hyperactive college student stomach was digesting whatever crap I had crammed into it. Second of all, by that time in the day the five hours of sleep from the preceding night were starting to wear off, like Mario under the influence of a flashing yellow star. Third, housepainting and shoe salesmanship probably were more interesting topics for me at the time.

But that didn't stop me from learning one key point: Scarcity drives value.

So it is with great anticipation of untold wealth that I announce that only has two more copies of "From the Depths" in stock. Which would put their value at approximately $60,000 each. I accept cash or checks.

But really, I'm just shocked that ran out of anything. You picture it as this dimensionless warehouse--possibly situated partially in a different dimension--filled with more stuff than the most consumer-driven society could consume.

So thank you, readers, for clicking your mouses (mice?) on my book so many times. If nothing else we have proved that the teachings of that long-ago econ professor were not lost on me.

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