Thursday, November 13, 2008

A bright spot in a dark month

Sure, sure--it's getting dark ridiculously early and every third day is gray, cold and rainy. But November also marks a magical moment in every year. No, not Black Friday.

The start of college basketball season.

And so to usher in this most sublime of sporting moments, I offer you two bits of roundball awesomeness:

1) Footage of former Kansas forward Darrell Arthur dunking on top of a hapless Villanova player during the NCAA tournament. (Which Kansas won. Just FYI.)

2) A test of your NCAA basketball knowledge. Can you name the top 24 schools in Final Four appearances? (I got 19 on my first try.)

So, in conclusion, yes, I am a huge basketball dork.


John said...

Yeah for college basketball season! I got 15 on my first try and now I'm kicking myself for two of the ones I missed (Louisville and Syracuse).

I'm going to be live-blogging the North Carolina v. Kentucky game on Tuesday, you should check it out!

Ryan said...

i got 17. of course at the end i was just frantically putting in every school i could think of. and then i missed some i shoulda got.

anyway - when you coming out to LA to meet my daugher? the KU Final Four bib you got her is in heavy rotation!