Thursday, November 20, 2008

Piracy: Remember when?

It seems like just yesterday that piracy--real, swashbuckling, ship-seizing, Jolly Roger-flying piracy--was solely the territory of Hollywood. And it was a profitable business! Just throw some mascara and a bandana on your star, throw in a few cutlasses and pieces of eight, and you were rolling.

Now, though, piracy appears to be, well... big business. And real! According to the Associated Press, it's gotten to the point where major oil shipping companies are telling their tankers to sail around Africa rather than head through pirate-infested waters.

We live in bizarrrrrgh times.

And think: When was the last time you heard the term "pirate-infested waters?" The 18th Century?

Not sure what my point is here, other than that the world has become a really bizarre place during the last few years. If the Pony Express and tri-corner hats make a comeback, we'll know it's serious.

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nikkos said...


It shivers me timbers to say so, but that made me laugh. :)