Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Doyle walks into an airport....

... and there's a bar! A PIANO BAR. A good sign for the rest of Abu Dhabi, I'd say.

So, quick recap of my travels. The 747 from Chicago to Frankfurt was cramped and boring. So I had a beer in Frankfurt, even though it was breakfast time. I even said "danke" at the counter, which instantly used up approximately 1/10 of my German vocabulary.

Breakfast of Teutonic champions.

Five hours and a pretzel later, I got on a Lufthansa Airbus and headed to Abu Dhabi. There is something extra surreal about hearing cabin instructions in German and English as you're headed to an Arab-speaking country. And since my laptop was charged up, thanks to a 10-Euro adapter I bought at the airport, I was able to watch "300," which was entertaining despite a total lack of Brendan Frasier. (Fraser? I just don't have the energy to look it up right now.)

Abu Dhabi at night is hard to get a read on. Lots of billboards in English. Construction all over the place. Cabs that are comfortable and air conditioned and moving at velocities well above the posted speed limit. Now I'm in my hotel room, which doubles as my home for the next month, and having just snacked on a mezza platter, I plan to pass out and let my body fight a fruitless, for now, battle against jet lag.

Yes, I have been taking pictures. But I cleverly forgot to bring a cable to connect the camera to my laptop. So... all you get are these pics I took with the laptop itself. Steve Jobs, I owe you one.

Pre-coma snack.

Pre-coma Doyle with a side order of hotel room wall.

Good night...


Pete said...

looks yummy. keep the posts coming.

bassoholic said...

Glad you made it safe G! Please send cheap gasoline to Chicago ASAP...thanks

M. Gants v4.0 said...

Yo, glad to hear you made it alright. Too bad you weren't in Germany longer.

Hope all is well :)