Thursday, April 23, 2009

More bloodshed

The Chicago Tribune, my employer up until a couple of weeks ago, laid off another 53 people yesterday from the editorial side. The move was presented as being necessary for survival and to somehow prepare the organization for the future.

Of course what it actually was, was cutting costs. Sadly, the people responsible for so thoroughly driving the institution into a hole of red ink and diminished quality kept their jobs. Way to go.

Here is a partial list of the newly departed, cribbed from Crain's Chicago Business.

Joshua Boak, Eric Benderoff, Susan Diesenhouse, Suzanne Cosgrove, James P. Miller, John Konstantaras, Candice C. Cusic, David Trotman-Wilkins, Lou Carlozo, Lilah Lohr, Robert K. Elder, William Grady, Elaine Matsushita, Elizabeth Botts, Russell Working, Jo Napolitano, Melissa Isaacson, John Mullin, Bob Sakamoto, Terry Bannon, Tom Carkeek, Ed Cavanaugh, Richard Rothschild, Brenda Butler, Jessica Reaves, Tom Hundley, Storer Rowley, Tim Horneman.

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