Thursday, April 16, 2009

Someone explain the Garfield jokes to me

So last night, over Indian food, the self-titled No. 1 Fan of the Blog complained that there hasn't been much, well, blogging around here lately.

That's going to change. (And obviously it already has, because you're reading a new blog post.)

As of last Thursday, I have not been working here.

The Tribune Condo Tower.

As of April 26, I will be working here.

White. Just like the Wrigley Building. And no, that's not where my office is.

Yes. Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Read Ink is going international. And you better believe the whole experience is going to get documented right here.

(And yes, I WILL post more India photos as soon as I get a little breathing room. Promise.)


M. Gants v4.0 said...

Yahoo! Holy Crap! Time to get Crazy go Nuts and have fun!

John said...

Wow. That's crazy. Good luck!