Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm back, and I'm hungry

Mostly because it's hard to find a daytime meal during Ramadan here. In fact, my desk at work is next to the "eating room" at the office, which is used for eating, because eating in public during the daytime is considered offensive. This also means that the food court at Ikea--where Mrs. Blog and I spent about four hours and [REDACTED] dirhams today--will not serve-a da svedish meatballs.

In short, I'm back from the United States.

I said goodbye to an old home, hello to a new life, watched California burn, ate barbecue and eventually landed back in Abu Dhabi to greet our newly painted apartment (now with pink guest bedroom!). Oh, and I took a bunch of pictures too... although naturally the only ones I have handy at the moment are of...

Bonus points if a) you can pick my favorite aircraft out of this bunch, and b) you can name every plane in the picture.

... airplanes. Specifically, on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego.

Another California shot:

What has palm trees and water, but is not Abu Dhabi?*

Anyway, despite the lack of easy snacking and the abundance of yet-to-be assembled furniture, life is good. Now let's just hope that I can get NFL games on TV....

*Newport Beach

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