Monday, September 14, 2009

Similarities and differences

Sunday night with Mrs. Blog in the UAE:

We went out to dinner. Had Italian, as a matter of fact. Her dish was way better than mine. These things, they are not much different from life in the United States.

After dinner, we walked along the Corniche, a long waterfront park in Abu Dhabi that overlooks the Persian-I-mean-Arabian Gulf. It was about a million degrees out (although it didn't feel that way at first). We took pictures of Ramadan decorations. These things, they are very different.

And so that is how our first weekend in the UAE went. Yes, I'm leaving out the fun stuff, like buying, building and moving furniture. But that's not the same or different--it's just part of getting settled into a new home... albeit one that happens to be equidistant to a mosque and the Spike of Prosperty (cq) grocery store.

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