Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disco Camel!

[editor's note: in the wake of several inquiries asking "what's a disco camel?" I have tracked down a picture of the beast from the Internet. It's not the one I took with my somewhat-functional cell phone. Thanks for listening.]

Once again, I have fallen behind on keeping you, dear reader, abreast of life in Abu Dhabi.

We took our first road trip--to Dubai--in the new car. This time, the destination was a hotel in the middle of the city. The takeaway: it's more fun to be by the beach. But we did see a rare species of camel.

My eyes! My eyes!

In other news, all the curtains have been hung. We are now hunting for art, big art, to decorate the living room with. Giant portraits of Sheikh Zayed are popular here, but it's a matter of finding the right one. You don't just go out and buy the first velvet painting you see. Suggestions are welcome.

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