Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A milestone

OK. Just opened the balcony door to collect some laundry that had been drying. The laundry was dry. Not shocking.

What WAS shocking was this observation: It is the exact same temperature outside as it is inside. Twenty-two and a half degrees Celsius, or about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. That's pretty remarkable, considering it hit 122 degrees F at one point this summer.

Unfortunately, we don't have any screens, so the windows remain oh-so-tragically shut.


Sonya said...

Nice! I am sure Lee will enjoy it. I hope you two are able to meet up. Praying for you and your wife. Sonya

Ann Marie McQueen said...

Good call closing the windows. I left mine open one night and a mosquito bit me on the face four times. Not sure how I didn't notice...