Thursday, February 11, 2010

The continuing adventures of Etisalat

You've heard this story before.

But this time, with failure has come some small measure of success. No, it doesn't make sense, and no, it doesn't solve my problem immediately... but at least I got someone to explain what exactly has to be done to upgrade my Internet service.

The whole thing will take about three days (I figure five) and will necessitate the Mr. and Mrs. Blog household returning to Stone Age 2mbps speeds for that period. Why? That is the only way to cancel the "promotional" nature of our current speed--a promotion that the customer service guy admits actually ran out in December.

I had my hopes up that it would get done last night when I dropped by the unfortunately familiar Airport Road office--he stamped my form and took my ID and everything--but in the end, there was no joy. At least not until after tomorrow.

*Bonus round: I have been e-mailing the company's customer "care" address once a week since this issue began, without any response... until last night. Maybe, just maybe, after tomorrow will come faster than I think. It's OK to dream, right?

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Pietro Devon said...

i've got my fingers crossed...