Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Not really. But life does seem about 100 times busier than it usually is around here in Abu Dhabi Towne. For one thing, the Parents of the Blog are in town. That means showing them around ("look, there's the Emirates Palace! Look, there's a beach! Look, there's a mall! Look, there's... another... mall!") and, more important, planning for our great journey to Egypt and Jordan.

Meanwhile, though, back at the ranch--and by ranch I mean newspaper--news has been happening. And oh, how it has happened. Eleven, I mean 15, people apparently sneaked into Dubai to assassinate someone. And then we had to rush together a big scoop-y project about street planning, and then there was another project about a survey of UAE residents about crime and their attitudes toward the police. A guy hardly had time to think, let alone blog.

And that's not even getting into my latest skirmishes with Etisalat. If that building ever catches on fire, I'm going to be the first suspect they round up.

More to come. I promise this somewhat lame roundup won't be the last you hear before I head for the Nile, which apparently IS just a river in Egypt.

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