Sunday, August 9, 2009

"You jump high"

It has been a couple of weeks since I played basketball--last Saturday, a bunch of people were out of town, plus there was a sandstorm, none of which made for a pleasant hooping experience.

Tonight there were a couple of new guys: a Kenyan named Abdul, who had a decent crossover and a good sense of humor, at least judging by the "Obama is from Kenya" jokes, and Mohammed, who had about three inches and 30 pounds on me, plus good enough handles to drive the basket.

It was good times. And the best part was, mostly because I had a week off, I was pretty bouncy. Which is not to say I was awesome or anything--my midrange game abandoned me for long stretches--but I was definitely more explosive. And that led to the best part of the night, after I blocked one of Mohammed's shots: "you jump high," he said to the almost-33-year-old with a tricky knee.

Better than a game-winning fall-away jumpshot after a pick-and-roll.*

*which I also did.

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