Saturday, June 2, 2007

All your life are belong to Google

Just when you thought that the giant money-making entity known as Google couldn't be any more connected to the most remote corners of the universe, they unveil this: Street View.

Ignoring for the moment the innate hilarity of a software engineer wearing several bright-orange cardboard boxes, think about what this project means. Now you can not only quickly find porn, buy useless junk, browse blogs, plagiarize a term paper and find directions to a new bar... you can zoom Google Maps all the way down to street level and stroll through the slightly blurry neighborhood like a really boring first-person shooter. Without the shooting, of course.

Right now they've only got it set up for San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, New York and Miami (no Chicago? Where's the love, Mountain View?). But clearly it's only a matter of time before Google is reminding us that our lawns need mowing and, by the way, we can totally see you through the bathroom window.

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