Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alert the authorities

I bought these kebbe at the grocery store. Two motivations in play here: One, I really enjoy kebbe, which are little breaded balls of lamb, seasoning and bulgar. Two, sometimes you just want to cook something frozen instead of making it from scratch.


Frozen, tasty, and in need of a saucepan of boiling oil.

The problem is that, unlike, say, everything in the freezer at Trader Joe's, you can't bake these. You're supposed to deep fry them. Guess who doesn't have a deep fryer, let alone a giant pot to deep fry them in, let alone the confidence that giving it a shot anyway wouldn't result in serious injury?

Anyway, the upshot here is that I am experimenting with baking them anyway. So if you see a huge plume of smoke rising from the Arabian peninsula, it's just me.

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