Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is how they do it

I loves me some of the rap music. And I had figured that in the UAE, where someone as innocuous as Busta Rhymes can get himself banned, I would have to import my own. Which I did, in the form of a boatload (stretch Hummer-load?) of MP3s.

But as it turns out, the UAE has some homegrown talent.

Desert Heat.

Not bad. Not great, but not terrible. It lacks the hard edge of good hip-hop, and in an article about these guys, you can see it's deliberate. But the production is decent. So you could say I am lukewarm to Desert Heat. But perhaps after the UAE develops a properly oppressed underclass in need of artistic expression, there can be a proper musical backlash against the establishment. Or at least a few swear words here and there.

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